Beautiful And Unique Wedding Cakes

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Brose through these beautiful wedding cake photos and find a little inspiration for your own wedding cake!

Making your own wedding cake?

There's also a great how-to section on making your own wedding cake from start to finish!

Wedding Cake Photos

My husband and I got married in Las Vegas, and to be honest, we can down to the corner store and picked up a Deep n' Delicious frozen chocolate cake and threw a topper on it that my cousin had purchased at the dollar store. Nothing fancy to say the least.

But...that doesn't mean that I don't LOVE Wedding cakes! They're beautiful, edible masterpieces, that took a lot of time and effort into the making. Which, is probably why in most places they'll cost you the price of your first born child.

Struggling For A little Inspiration for your wedding cake? Take a look at these WOW Wedding Cakes!

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Wedding cakes have come a long ways in last 10 years. Couples are becoming more adventurous and creative with their ideas, colors, and decorations. I've seen everything from twigs and berries, to live birds flying out of a cage on top. The possibilities really are endless.

Personalize your wedding cake with things that both the bride and groom love. It can be something subtle, or you can decide to go bold! Remember though, you not only want your wedding cake to look good, but to taste good too.

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