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Everything you ever wanted to know about tiered cakes and stackers


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*Discover how easy it is to make tiered cakes!*

Stacking cakes is one of the most popular methods of construction. Tiers are placed directly on top of one another, usually going from the largest tier to the smallest. Cakes are supported by using cake boards and dowel rods.

*Stacking can be easy and fun!* Don't let the prospect of building a stacked cake intimidate you. Making tiered cakes can be done with a few simple steps. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stacked cakes aren't just for weddings anymore, you can stack birthday cakes and any other special occasion!


What you'll need...

Before you get started on stacking your cakes, there's a few things you'll need to have on hand.

Plastic or wood dowel rods

Cake board same size as largest tier

A good pair of scissors

*tip* When it comes to dowel rods I personally like to use the strong plastic ones because they're easy to work with when it comes time to cutting them down to the proper height. And they work just as well as the wodden ones.


After you've finished frosting your cake you're now ready to start stacking each tier.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Step One

Place your largest tier on a cake board or plate that you will be using.

Now you can either guess as to where to centre your next tier but to be a little more accurate take another cake round or cardboard cake board that will be the same size as the next tier and place it in the centre of the bottom cake tier. Lightly trace the outline with a toothpick and remove.

Step Two

Take a dowel and insert it into your bottom tier. Mark the height of the cake with a pencil, take the dowel out, and cut off the excess part. You want your dowel to be as flush with the cake as possible.

Do this with a total of four plastic dowels and insert each one into the cake, about three inches apart from eachother.

Step Three

Place the second tier on top of the base where you have marked with a toothpick in step one, trying to get it as close to being centered as possible. Repeat the dowelling process in this second tier.

Step Four

If you have a third tier (or fourth) then repeat each step with dowels and placement. After you have completed stacking all your tiers secure them all together with one long dowel so that they won't slide off of eachother. You can cover the whole on the top tier made by the dowel with either buttercream or a small circle of fondant.

Remember, support is the most important thing when it comes to stacking.

Cake Stackers

See the new Cake Stackers cake support system that's turning the decorating world upside down!

Cake Stackers really do make it possible to do almost anything with a cake when it comes to stacking them.

Here are some designs possibilities with cake stacker support systems

cake stackers, easy cake decorating
cake stackers, easy cake decorating

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