Storing Cakes and Cupcakes

Storing your cakes and cupcakes properly is a crucial part of the whole process and can sometimes make or break your cake! So take some final precautions and store everything the proper way.

There's a few things that can affect your cake after you've spent so many hours decorating it, so please keep these in mind.

The number one cause of disasters is Heat. It can melt, wilt and simply destroy an entire cake in a matter of hours. Icing, especially buttercream icing doesn't handle heat very well so keep your cakes and cupcakes as cool as you can. If it's not going to be eaten withing 3 days you should freeze it.

Humidity also plays a big role in whether or not your cake stays in one piece if you have any kind of fondant or gum paste decorations. Humidity often softens fondant and gum paste and will wilt any flowers or figures very fast, same goes for royal icing. If you live in a very humid climate add 1 more teaspoon of meringue powder.


Cake containers come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in plastic, cardboard or styrofoam. You can either package them in multiples or if you're doing cupcakes you can package each one individually for a more personalized look and feel.


If you've got to move locations or perhaps transport your cake then you want to make sure it gets there in one piece! What you decide to pack it in is a very crucial decision as well as saving time and money. Of course the most important thing is getting it there and on time in one piece.

There's special containers that will properly fit different sizes and dimensions, as well as how it needs to be covered.

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