Snow Globe Cakes


*Who doesn't love snowglobes!*


This holiday season try making snow globe cakes!

Winter, and especially Christmas is time to celebrate how all our surroundings become a magical winter wonderland!

When I was growing up one of my favorite Christmas toy was a snow globe so this year I've decided to make a page solely dedicated to making snow globe cakes! They're beautiful, romantic and perfect for any occasion, not just Christmas! People collect snow globes year round so if you're thinking about making a snow globe cake or cupcake then you've come to the right place!

Snow Globe Cupcakes


These adorable (and amazing!) polar bear snowglobe cupcakes are actually much easier to make than you would think.

I've posted a tutorial on making these Christmas snow globe cupcakes. complete with photos! I'm sure you'll find, much like myself, that you'll be making these every holiday season.

For the "globe" portion I ended up finding those small bubblegum machines and after the kids had eaten all the gum I used the plastic ball on top for the globe.

Enjoy making these!


How To Make The Globe

When it comes to making the actual "globe" portion of the cake there's a few things you can use for this, they are:

-glass fish bowl

-plastic fish bowl

-plastic gum ball machine

-hand made blown glass

-pop bottles

-candy bottles

-small glas bowl

sugar globes -glass vase

-candle holder

Snow Globe Cake Photos

Here are a few really cute snow globe cakes and as you can see each one uses something different for their globe.

When you're making your cake or cupcakes you can either shape the cake portion to look like a globe and ice it blue or white, or you can use an actual globe for a bit more of an exciting look! Either way will turn out just fine.

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