Shrek Cakes And Cupcakes


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If you're planning a Shrek Birthday Party or birthday cake then you probably are in need of some fun ideas and a little inspiration!

If you're a huge (or small!) Shrek fan then you're going to LOVE this page. It's all about Shrek cakes and cupcakes with great tutorials and wonderful cake pictures for a little fun.

You don't need to be professional cake decorator either to create any of these cakes, and the best part is you'll save a ton of money doing it yourself.


Here are some of the most popular characters that can be transformed into some very unique cakes. Choose one, or choose them all!




Puss in boots

The dragon

The gingerbread man


Big Bad Wolf

Three little pigs

King Harold

Queen Lilian

Lord Farquaad

Fairy Godmother

Prince charming



Here are some great Shrek cake tutorials to browse through and help you create your very own masterpiece!

Shrek In The Swamp Cake Tutorial

Shrek Face Tutorial

Shrek Cupcakes Tutorial

Shrek Cake Recipe Tutorial

Dragon Cake Tutorial

Shrek Cake Photos

shrek cake

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shrek cake

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shrek cake

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