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Discover how to create beautiful sheet cakes for birthdays, weddings, baby showers and more!


What is a sheet cake?

Sheet cakes are a cake that is baked in a large, flat rectangular pan, such as a sheet pan or a brownie pan. They're usually single-layered cakes that are frosted and decorated on top and/or filled with a layer of icing or custart in between layers.

Sheet cakes are perfect for large celebrations or larger groups of people. They're easy to decorate with edible toppers, and edible images. They're also much easier than say making a 3D cake.

sheet cake pan
sheet cake

Icing A Sheet Cake

Before you begin icing you want to make sure the top is smooth as possible and fairly level as well.

The next step is to take your cake out of the pan that you've chosen and onto a cake board. You can purchase these at any decorating store or easily make your own out of a clean piece of cardboard and cover in aluminum foil.

You're also going to need a lot of icing, depending on the size, about 6-8 cups. It's always better to have a little leftover that you can freeze than having not enough to ice your cake!

Place about 2 heaping cups of icing on the top and with a metal flat spatula gently spread overtop of the entire top surface. Push outwards allowing the icing to hang over a bit at the top over the edges.

With the end of the metal spatular take big glob of icing and smear it down on edge of the cake, and repeat with all four edges. Don't about it being completely smooth at this point.

Once you have finished all the sides, now you can start smoothing out your icing by running hot water over your metal spatula and carefully smoothing over the entire cake. Be carefull and do not press too hard, otherwise you will have a crumby mess!

Applying An Icing Border

After you're done icing and smoothing you may want to place a decorative icing trim around your cake. These are made of icing using special icing tips.

Below are some great icing boarders and trim tutorials to show you exactly how to make and place different cake trims onto your cake.

How to make icing trims and borders

Decorating Your Sheet Cake

When it comes to decorating your sheet cake the posibilities are endless. You can use:




fake or real flowers

Cake toppers

Edible images




Piping gel


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Sheet Cake Tutorials

If you're lacking a little inspiration then here's a few sheet cake tutorials that will give some great ideas for decorating!

White Texas Sheet Cake Tutorial

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