Shamrock Cupcakes
A unique creation!


Learn how to create these adorable shamrock cupcakes using a regular cupcake tin and a few marbles. Everyone will be asking "How did you make these?". They're cute, delicious, and the perfect treat for St. Patrick's Day. Why not take a bit out of these Shamrock Cupcakes!


Shamrock Cupcakes Tutorial

These adorable shamrock cupcakes are easy to make and perfect for St. Patrick's Day!

You will need:

Muffin tin

1 bag of marbles

cupcake liners

cupcake mix


green food coloring

white Mentos candies

black cake gel (or black icing)

Step One:

Using a regular size muffin tin, place cupcake liners into each cup. Using three marbles, placing each one between the cupcake liner and the tin, place one marble on top, and two marbles on each side. You should end up with somewhat of a "Y" shape.

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Step Two:

Prepare your cupcake/cake batter and add green food coloring until desired color is achieved.

Step 3:

When getting the batter into the muffin cups using a spoon created too much of a mess so instead I placed my batter into a zip lock bag with one corner snipped off (or you can use a piping bag) and carefully squeezed the batter into the centre of the muffin cups only about 1/2 way, otherwise when you bake them too much will spill over and you'll lose your shape.

Bake in over at 350 degrees for approximately 15 minutes, using a tooth pick to test the centre for doneness.

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Step Four:

After cupcakes have cooled, carefully remove from tin and pull away marbles. There will be some cupcake batter on the marbles but you can cut away and wash the marbles after. Carefully pull off any excess cupcake batter.

Using buttercream or whipped frosting, color a deep shade of green. Pipe green icing onto cupcake following the "Y" outline.

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Step Five:

Using your white Mentos candies for eyes place near the top portion of the cupcake side by side. Using either black piping gel or black frosting pipe a smiley face at the bottom of the cupcake and two little dots for each eye. For the shamrock stem I used green fondant but you can use liquorice, gum, or any other type of green candy. Eat and enjoy!

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