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Red Velvet Cake is a beautiful looking dessert with its deep red color and usually topped with a rich and creaming cream cheese icing. It's one of my favorites of the m all!

It's almost always the most popular flavor of any bakery and cupcake shop, and it's also very popular as a wedding flavor. The base of a Red Velvet Cake is a chocolate Devil's Food that has red food coloring added to it.

There's a few variations of a red velvet cake recipes but most involve adding a small amount of cocoa powder and buttermilk that gives the cake a very moist taste.

red velvet cake, red velvet

Red velvet is often made as a layer cake with cream cheese icing between each layer, and garnached with something simple like chocolate flakes or a spinkle of cinnamon. I always like to top mine with fresh strawberries!

Most Popular Red Velvet Creations

Red velvet is so popular that now it's not only used for special occasions, but is now widely used for cupcakes, mini cupcake and cake pops. They're served at birthday parties, reunions, bachelorette parties and almost any other excuse to serve red velvet cake!

Everything You Wanted To Know About Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Tutorials

Looking for a little inspiration? Check out some of these great Red Velvet Cake Tutorials below...

Red Velvet Heart Cake Tutorial

Delicious Red Velvet Rose

Red Velvet Layer Tutorial

Red Velvet Cake Pops

red velvet cake pops

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Everbody seems to be making cake pops these day, and red velvet cake pops are, of course, one of the more popular flavors. They're delicious little bite-size pieces on a stick - who wouldn't love this!

If you've never made cake pops before then you must check out this red velvet cake pop tutorial

Red Velvet Cake Pop Tutorial

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