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What is poured fondant?

poured fondant

Poured fondant is great for decorating and covering cakes, cupcakes, cookies and cake balls that leaves a beautiful silky finish. It's easy to use and simple to make.

It's basically melted fondant which is made from marshmallows and confectioners sugar. Click on the link below for my delicious homemade marshamallow fondant recipe.

Fondant Recipe

It can be tinted any color and really turns cupcakes, small desserts and pastries into something elegant.

How To Cover Cupcakes With Poured Fondant

Once you have your fondant made, it's really quite easy to cover cupcakes, mini cakes, and petit fours with poured fondant.

Here's what you'll need


Apricot Jam

Hot water

Cupcakes(or whatever you're intending to cover)

Pastry brush

Heatproof bowls

Step 1

Brush each cupcake lightly, using your pastry brush, with hot apricot jam. You don't need much.

Step 2

Place the fondant in your heat-proof bowl and microwave for approximately 1 minute. You want it to be warm, and liquid but not boiling. Stir fondant to get a smooth consistency.

Step 3

Now take your cupcake and dip it upside down into the melted fondant, shaking off any excess fondant. Set the cupcakes aside and let them dry. If you can still see the cupcake, or any bumps, etc... you can dip your cupcakes a second time one the first layer as dried.

Step 4

Start decorating! Attach edible decorations such as flowers, pearls, sprinkles with royal icing. Pipe flowers or scrolls as well if you wish. Be creative!

Poured Fondant Cakes And Cupcakes

Stuck for some ideas when making your next cake with poured fondant? Check out some of the great photos to give you a littler inspiration.

poured fondant cupcakes, fondant, easy cake decorating

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poured fondant cupcakes, easy cake decorating

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