Popcorn Cupcakes


Looking for a unique cupcake idea this year? Well we've got it! Popcorn cupcakes!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These adorable little popcorn cupcakes are probably one of my most popular and favorite cupcakes that I've made so far. They're awsome for kid's parties, or if you're doing any kind of a popcorn or fair food theme.

If you're having a theatre night with kids or the family then these cupcakes are perfect to serve with your favorite other snacks and munchies. It's like getting popcorn and cupcakes in one!

Your Kids Will Love These Popcorn Cupcakes!

Use your favorite cake mix or one from scratch and I usually use a buttercream or whipped frosting on top.

For these popcorn cupcakes you will need:

12 paper cups (from the dollar store) 1 bag of sweet and salty popcorn Red marker paper, scissors and a glue stick.



Take your paper cups and cut them half way down so you have a much shorter cup, about the hight of what your cupcake will be.


Take a wide, red permanent marker and draw vertical stripes from top to bottom of each paper cup.


You can either print out or write your own "popcorn" log for the cups. You can find some pretty cool logos on the internet, print them off and cut them out.


Take your favorite cupcake and place each one into the popcorn cups.


Using buttercream or whipped frosting, ice each cupcake with enough icing so that it will hold a few popcorn pieces.


Open your bag of popcorn... eat about half the bag... and THEN begin placing about 7 to 8 pieces of popcorn on top of each cupcake. You want to try and cover as much icing as you can, while making sure your popcorn will still stay in place.

You can also use mini marshmallows if you don't feel like putting actual popcorn on top of your cupcakes. It's a little more time consuming but well worth it!

All you have to do is snip the tops of the each marshmallow into four pieces, but make sure you don't cut all the way through. This way the marshmallow opens up into four pieces and looks like a piece of popcorn.

If you're looking for more crazy cupcake ideas then you need to check out my fair foods cupcake page that the whole family will have fun creating.

Popcorn Cakes

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