Lawnmower Cupcake
Perfect for dads on father's day...or just because...

Make these awesome lawnmower cupcakes for dad, or just for a little summer fun!

These cupcakes are perfect for father's day or any summer get together. They're simple to make, using green icing, some chocolate bars, a few M&Ms and some licorice and you're set. I made four dozen of these for a BBQ party and they were all gone within minutes! Also, jump here for my other favorite themed cupcakes

Step One: Using the star tip, create grass out of green icing, going all the way around the cupcake.

Step Two: Using an Aero choclate bar, break off our cut each pieces where it is already scored. Place on top of each cupcake as this will be the "lawnmower" base for your lawnmower cupcake.

Step Three: Now take a box of Junior Mints, these will the wheels. Place them on each side, sticking them about halfway into the icing so they stay in place.

Step Four:Now take either a red skittle or red M&Ms and place one on top of each Aero chocolate piece with royal icing, this will work as the "glue" for the gas tank top.

Then for the final step take shoe string licorise and cut off about 3 inches and place each end into the icing at the end of the Aero chocolate piece for the lawnmower handle.

That's it - you're done making your lawnmower cupcake!

*Tip* You can also used flaked coconut for the grass by tinting it green. Place about a cup full of coconut in a zip lock bag and place two to three drops of green food coloring. Close the bag tightly and shake the bag so that the food coloring covers most of the coconut.

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