Ladybug Cupcakes

Creating this adorable little ladybug cupcake is really easy.

All you need is your favorite cupcake recipe , a little icing, red and black food coloring and either mini marshmallows or white mentos, which will be used for the eyes. You can also use popeye candy sticks if you wish for the antenas but there a many other candies you can use as well, just be creative!

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Step one: Create your favorite cupcake recipe.

Step two: With red or pink food coloring, color your frosting to the desired shade. Carefully pipe or spread the frosting with a knife onto the cupcake, making it as smooth as possible. Using black gel, pipe a single straight line right down the middle of your cupcake.

Step three: Grab two white mentos or other white candies and place side by side on the same end of the cupcake. These will by the ladybugs eyes.

Step four: Using the black gel again place a small dot on each white eye candy and also a few dots on the red icing for his spots. Like this:

Step five: Take two white candy sticks and place them above the candy eyes for the ladybugs antenas. You're done!

If you're having a BBQ or a great outdoor party than these cute ladybug cupackes are a perfect dessert, especially for kids.

If you're having a theme party then you can also serve them along with other animal cupcakes of a jungle themed cake. Looking for other jungle or backyard bug cupcakes? Try an ant cupcake, spider cupcake, or even a butterfly cupcake! They're just as easy to make as the ladybug cupcakes with other assorted candies and icing.

You can use all sort of candies, chocolates, licorice, gum drops, gummies and so much more. Get creative and don't forget to look outside the box. Think of what you can do with a can of icing and some lollipops!

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