Hamburger Cupcakes Anyone?
It's not just a cupcake - it's a creation!

These adorable hamburger cupcakes are perfect for kid's birthday, theme parties or serve them at your next outdoor BBQ! I love creating different and unique cupcakes, especially the fun ones, like my fair food cupcakes. For example, why not turn a deep fried twinky into a cute little cupcake! Or perhaps a hot dog cupcake? You can really let your imagination run wild here and try something really different.

Having a summer party? Serve up a plate of these cute little Hamburger Cupcakes! Make up a plate of "vanilla cake" fries and a coke for the whole meal deal.

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*Directions for hamburger cupcakes*

Using a chocolate sheet cake, or chocolate cupcakes cut in half, using a circular cookie cutter cut out the middle "hamburger" shape.

For the "bun" portion I used a sugar cookie for each top and bottom piece. You can also take a vanilla cupcake and cut it in half. For the bun seeds I brushed the top bun with donut glaze, or you can use any kind of glaze you'd like - the seeds just need something to stick to, and then I sprinkled a small amount of sesame seeds on top.

Now for the cheese part in this one I used orange tinted buttercream icing but I think what looks even better are the ones that I made the cheese out of orange rolled fondant. Once you're finished that, place your hamburger patty on top.

Then for the lettuce I used the same buttercream icing and tinted it green. I've tried using large flaked coconut but it ended up mostly falling out everywhere so I've stuck my green icing. After that place your top bun on top and you're done!

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