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Knock Their Socks Off With These Amazingly Brilliant Fast Food Cupcakes!

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Discover unique fast food cupcakes that will look so amazing and taste even better!

Craving Some Unique Cupcakes?

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You're probably scratching your head thinking fast food cupcakes Hunh?? How can that be good!

Well, here is what my goal is... to make any kind of fast food treat, and really any food for that matter, and turn it into an amazingly great tasting cupcake!

with a few easy cake decorating tips. No, I'm not crazy, but I do have a bit of a wild imagination when it comes to food so I thought why not try this? Think of all the yummy treats that are out there that I'm sure are just dying to become tasty little cupcakes!

There's also tons of fair treats

out there that can be turned into something great with a little creativity, some candy and delicious icing.

These Cupcake Ideas Are Endless!

I'm talking about....

*Burgers and mini burgers*

*Fries and gravy*


*ding dongs*


*Cotton candy*

*candy apples*


To make some of these fast food cupcakes all you need to do is make up a batch of your favorite cake recipeand go from there! Choose a theme or food group you would like to make, for instance anything to do with an outdoor bbq perhaps?

You need to look at things in a whole different light. What can icing become? Or candies and gummies? Think outside the box!

A lot of my creations come from making fondant as well. You can color, shape and mold fondant into almost anything you want, and also make anything you want of it. I like to use my homemade fondant recipe for a delicious taste that everyone will love.

Homemade Fondant Recipe

**Scroll To The Bottom For Tutorials On Each Cupcake!**

BBQ Grill Cupcake
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Rice Crispy Sushi Platter

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Buger Cupcakes
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Popcorn Bucket Cupcake
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Coffee and Donut Cupcake

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Fast Food Cupcake Tutorials

Over the years I've made some pretty interesting cupcakes, some good, some bad, but most great! So I've put together my top 10 fast food cupcake tutorials for you to make right at home!

BBQ Grill Cupcake tutorial

Delicious Hamburger Cupcakes Tutorial

Fun Popcorn Cupcakes Tutorial

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