Egg Shell Cupcakes
Handmade Delights!


If you're looking for something different to make this Easter (or any special occasion!) then you must try making these egg shell cupcakes!. They're delicious cupcakes baked right into real egg shells.


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For the actual cupcake I ended up just using a cake mix, which any one will do, or you can use a recipe from scratch as well. I have to admit I was little skeptical at first when making these, and my husband thought I was totally nuts, but they turned out great and were delicious! I can't wait to serve them for easter.

Egg Shell Cupcakes Tutorial

To prepare the eggs, carefully poke a small hole on the top of each egg. I used the tip of a corkscrew but you can also use a needle or pin.

egg shell cupcakes, easter egg cupcakes

Once you have poked a hole, very carefully peel back the edges of the hole to make it a bit bigger, about ½ inch will do.

egg shell cupcakes, easter egg cupcakes

Empty each egg into a bowl, making sure all the contents is out. I used a wooden skewer to make sure I got all the egg pieces out.

Rinse the inside of the eggs out well. Them, immerse them in warm salt water for 15-20 minutes.

Rinse the egg shells again in cold water and place them onto paper towel to dry.

Mix together your favourite cake/cupcake mix. Any cake mix will do or any recipe from scratch. Set aside. Place your prepared egg shells into a cupcake tin, using aluminum foil in each cup to help them stand upright.

Place your batter into a piping bag or zip lock bag (with one corner sniped off) and fill your eggs about ¾ full. You want to fill your egg shells enough that you have a complete cupcake egg when you peel the shell back, so you will most likely see some of the batter overflow out of the whole during the baking process but this is totally normal.

Bake at 350f for approx. 18-23 minutes. They don’t look very pretty when they first come out of the oven but the excess cupcake is easily wiped off!

Let cool, and then eat! As for serving you can really get creative here. Either serve the eggs whole on a place platter or peel back half the eggs and place a nice swirl of frosting on top.

egg shell cupcakes, easter egg cupcakes, easter cupcakes
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Next time I make these I'm going to color my batter different colors for Easter. I thought about coloring the eggs as well, but one thing at a time!


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