Edible Fondant Creations e-Books
Turning edible into incredible with fondant cake toppers!

Kiss Boring Cakes Goodbye

The really, really easy way to make amazing, edible fondant cake toppers at home!

These e-books will show you exactly how to make beautiful, sculpted fondant cake toppers, but you'll also learn what tools you'll need on hand, detailed and descriptive photos for each fondant cake topper, and all the cake decorating tips you'll need to make your mini masterpieces!.

**Each e-book also includes my very own, homemade rolled fondant recipe! I've had rave reviews about my recipe that I decided I just had to include it every e-book. It's a hundred times better tasting than any other fondant on the market (especially store-bought) and it's so easy to work with for beginners. It's also perfect for making fondant covered cakes, and adding new flare to your cake decorating knowledge**

Learn how to make these amazing fondant cake toppers in less than 10 minutes! Simple step-by-step instructions make them easy and fun to create.  Use them on birthday cakes, weddings cakes, cupcakes or just on their own. They're 100% edible, so no need to worry about the little ones getting their hands on them, because that's exactly what they're made for!

Looking to start your own cake business? 

These Edible Fondant Creations e-books are a must have for any cake decorator!

These e-books will provide you with all the necessary tools, tips and techniques to create beautiful, cute, funny and "one-of-a-kind" edible, fondant cake toppers regardless of your experience! 

 Over 50 beautiful and detailed photos guide you through each step of the way.

Here's just some of the fondant cake toppers that you'll learn how to make:

** Farm animals

** Sea Creatures

** Forest animals

** Holidays and Seasonal

** Baby Shower

** Adult cake toppers

** And much more!!

Click below on the e-book you're interested in and download instantly onto your computer. Start making your own fondant cake toppers, or even sell them at your own cake decorating business online!

Each of the Edible Fondant Creations e-books comes with tutorials and photos to explain each step to the smallest detail.

Have your guests, family and friends wondering how you made these amazing fondant cake toppers, or most likely they'll think you purchased them at some expensive cake decorating shop.

For the price of just ONE of these fantastic e-books, you can turn your knowledge into a home-based business creating edible, fondant cake toppers.

Like I said... It's about turning edible into incredible!!

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