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It's time to get creative! If you're making Easter cakes or Easter cupcakes this year think beautiful pastel colors, fluffy marshmallows and delicious chocolates when creating your next Easter cake, cupcakes and any kind of Easter treat.

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Easter not only marks the start of Spring, but it's also about a certain little white, fluffy-tailed rabbit coming to town and dropping off a few goodies! With beautiful pastel colors, ribbons, pink fluffy marshmallows and yummy candies, Easter desserts are always a hit around our house!

Easter isn't just for kids anymore. Adult are getting into the fun of easter egg hunts, tea parties, decorating, and of course extreme cake making!

You can bake and decorate some of the cutest cakes and cupcakes. They're perfect for parties, birthdays, springtime school functions or just hanging out in the backyard!

I've put together a group of Easter cakes and cupcake ideas to hopefully provide you with some inspiration this holiday.

But first... Here are a few Easter must-haves for decorating those goodies of yours!

Jelly beans

Marshmallow peeps

Animal crackers

Gummy bears



white chocolate

Flaked Coconut

Easter Animal Cakes

Butterfly Cake

Easter Basket Cupcakes

Bunny Cake

Carrot Cake

Birds Nest

When you're preparing for your Easter dinner, lunch or afternoon tea time, don't forget about adding a few "decorative" touches to the room, whether it be an outdoor space or indoors.

Think of colored eggs that you've helped the kids make, frosted sugar cookies, fresh-cut daffodils for the centre of the table. You can even find some really cheap and cute Easter napkins and plates to bring everything together. Now all you need is the pefect dessert to top it all off!

Easter Cake Tutorials

Easter egg cake tutorial

Easter peeps sunflower cake tutorial

Polka dot easter egg cake tutorial

Delicious Easter Cupcake Recipes

These cute little Easter Cupcakes are perfect for any birthday party, Easter dinner or any springtime school function. These cupcakes are adorable yet easy to make and don't require any advanced cake decorating skills.

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Easter Cakes

Easter cakes are fun, adorable and exciting! Take a look at some of these really cool Easter Cakes that you can make for your next Easter project. Get the whole family involved in making the cake, whether it be the baking or decorating... just have fun!

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easter bunny cake
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easter egg cake, easy cake decorating
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