Fun And Delicious Cupcake Cakes

Forget the fork!

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Get The Cake That Everyone Is Talking About

Cupcake Cakes are the perfect way of creating beautiful designs, completely out of cupcakes! Just pull them apart and start eating, no need for cutting or messy plates.

When you're throwing a birthday party, or any special occasion for that matter, it's the dessert...or cake...that seems to stand out the most!

And that's why I love cupcake cakes so much! They're simple, easy and take half the time to clean up, which for me is the biggest bonus right there.

And don't think you're sacrificing style and design here either. They can be decorated and shaped into just about anything a full cake can!

Looking for some ideas or patterns?

Here is a great e-book on unique patterns that you can be used again and again!
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Here's a few of my favourite cupcake cakes
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Cupcake cakes, also known as pull apart cakes, as so simple to make, but after you're all done and licking the icing spoon, it will look like a masterpiece!

Cupcake cakes are perfect for a themed birthday party

So why wait for a special occasion? Grab the family and rip open a box of cake mix and dive in! Create some funky an fun designs, you never know what you'll come up with. Once you're satisfied with your shape or design, start the icing wars!

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Cupcake Cakes are perfect for:

Father's day cakes

Mother's day cakes

Baby shower cakes

Birthday Cakes

Smash cakes

Any special occasion that just needs cake!

It’s not just a piece of cake. It’s a masterpiece of cake.

No fuss and mess cleanup! They're easy to bake, easy to serve to any age, and there's no speciality bake ware needed. All you need is about two dozen un-iced cupcakes in their cupcake liners, some delicious frosting, food coloring, candies for decoration, and a little imagination. You can literally create anything you want with cupcake cakes. Even the kids can join in.

If you're seriously short for time, or want to avoid baking anything in the oven, order un-iced cupcakes from your local bakery and have pick them up or have them delivered. Then all you have to do is create your shape and ice away!


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