Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas is the perfect time of year to take your creativity to the next level and make some really awsome cupcakes!

Christmas cupcakes can be cute characters, houses, animals, trees, santa, reindeer, snow, etc.... It's such a magical time of year and you want this to flow over into your cupcakes.

The ideas that I've listed below are great for adults and kids to make for the Christmas holiday. Make one or make them all!

Christmas Cupcake Toppers

If you're looking to create your own unique Christmas cupcake toppers this year then this ebook will tell you everything you need to know. It's perfect for beginners and gives you step-by-step instructions for each topper, as well as picture tutorials.

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*North Pole

*baby jesus in a manger


*Grumpy Ol'Reindeer

*Santa face

*Polar bear

*Santa Boots

*Scary Gingerbread man


*Turkey Dinner

...and more!

Reindeer Cupcakes

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These cute little reindeer cupcakes are some of my favorite and the kids love to make them every year!

Frost your cupcakes with chocolate or brown icing. For the nose you can use any type of round cookie and place in the centre of the cupcake, towards the bottom. For the eyes you can use small white candies or white icing. I used black gel for the centre of the eyes. For the antlers you can have fun with these! Create different shapes out of pretzels and place them on the top of each cupcakes. Don't forget the nose! Use a red skittle or any type of red circular candy.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

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For these Christmas tree cupcakes you will need some pointy ice cream cones.

First, ice your cupcakes in white icing. For the "snow" affect on the icing you can lightly roll them in coconut or qhite sprinkles. Then you will take your ice cream cones and place one on top of each cupcake with the pointy side upwards.

Color the rest of your frosting green and place into a large pastry bag. You can either snip triangles into your bag with scissors or you can use a large star icing tip. Pipe short bursts of frosting onto the cone and cover it completely. You can decorate your iced cones with candies, or small silver Christmas balls. Enjoy!

Snowman Cupcakes

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To make these fun snowman cupcakes frost all your cupcakes in white icing. You will need brown M&Ms for the eyes, candy corn for the nose, licorice twists for the headband and any kid of larger red candies for the ear muffs.

Santa Cupcakes

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These santa cupcakes can be a bit time consuming so you don't have to make yours look exactly like this, there's lots o variations you can use - like mini marshmallows! Use chocolate chips for the eyes and red candies for the nose. Cut a watermelon candy piece in half for santa's hat.

Christmas Fondant Cupcakes

If you're looking to make fancy cupcakes then you can also cover them with fondant, rather than buttercream or royal icing. All you have to do is roll the fondant out into a thin piece sheet and take a circular cookie cutter (approx. the same size as cupcake) and cut circles out of the fondant. Once you have all your circles cut out, then apply a small thin layer of buttercream icing on each cupcake and carefuly place one fondant circle on top, smoothing out with your hand.

This will be the base of your cupcake to which you can apply any decorations you wish! Here are a few photos for a little inspiration...

fondant christmas cupcake, christmas cupcake, fondant cupcake

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