Chocolate Bar Cakes

Create These Fun and Unique Chocolate Bar Cakes With Easy Step-by-step Instructions!

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Looking for something unique instead the the average birthday cake? Then you have to try one of these delicious Candy bar cakes that won't only look amazing but taste amazing too.

Chocolate bar candy cakes are much like Kit Kat cakes but you can use almost any type of chocolate you want.

Just start with your favorite cake recipe bake and cool. Then decide on what kind of chocolate bar and/or candy you want to use for around your cake. Ice the entire cake and place the candy bars however you want around the cake, using the frosting as "glue".

Looking for a little inspiration? Look at these amazing candy bar cakes!

Chocolate Bar Cake Photos

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chocoalte bar cake, easy cake decorating

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chocolate bar cake, easy cake decorating

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chocolate bar cake, easy cake decorating

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When using your chocolate bars think of shapes, lengths and even colors. Do you want to use all dark chocolate or do you want to add a little bit of white chocolate to your cake as well?

If you chosen round candy bars you can place these along the edge of the entire cake to make a cake border rather than using frosting. You can also place different chocolates on top of try chocolate shavings as a garnish as well.

Tap into some of your creativity and think "outside the box" when it comes to making a cake with chocolate and/or chocolate bars. Around Christmas and Halloween I always like to go out and purchase some the unique chocolates that only come out during holidays so I have a back-up supply of chocolates.

Adding Chocolate Bars To Your Cake Mix

If you're looking to take any plain old cake recipe and turn it into something extravagant then all you need to do is add a few chocolate bar pieces into your cake mix. You can also do this cupcakes as well. To fill your cupcakes, use a small knife to cut out a cone. Spoon, pipe or place desired chocolate or cake fillings. Replace the top piece of the cupcake. Don't worry if it doesn't fit exactly perfect because you will be covering this with frosting!

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