Cars Cakes And Cupcakes

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Cars cakes and cupcake, from beginner level to as hard as it gets! I've posted some really great free tutorials and pictures to help you make a beautiful and delicious cake for your kids birthday party.


Everything you need to know about making Cars Cakes and Cupcakes!

Cars Cake Tutorials

If you're looking to make a Cars Birthday Cake decide whether you want it to be a 3d cake or a sheet cake. Sheet cakes are much easier and the logo or design can be drawn on or airbrushed directly onto the cake.

If you want to do a 3d cake it's a bit harder but the results are worth it! Your cake will look like an actual car and have 3d dimensions. It takes quite a bit of extra time versus a sheet cake, stacking the cake and then carving and sculpting.

Cars Cake (easier)

3d Cars Cake (hard)

Cars Characters...

There's a few characters to choose from when making your cake or cupcakes. You can incorporate just one or use them all!

Lightning McQueen

Mack The Truck

Chuck and McQueen's Pit Crew


Rusty And Dusty

Strip "The King" Weathers


Tex Dinoco

Chick Hicks

Tow Mater

Sally The Porche








Cars Cake Pictures

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cars cake
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What You'll Need

You'll need a few things and tools when building your cars cake. If you've decided to do a 3d cars cake rather than a sheet cake you'll need some sharp serated knives to carve out the cake.

Depending on what you want to ice your cake with, you'll need either buttercream icing or fondant and lots of red food coloring!

Once you've finished colouring your icing and have completely iced the entire cake now it's time to decorate your cake! This is always a good place to get the kids involved if you want.

You'll need black icing for the tires, white or blue icing for the windows, blue icing for the eyes and yellow or orange icing for the numbers and lightening bold on the side doors.

Looking at a picture of cars, trace the outline of the shapes, lines, etc... that you want onto to icing before applying the different colours of frosting. Return from Cars Cakes To Easy Cake Decorating Homepage

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