How To Create A Candyland Cake


Looking for a unique birthday cake this year? This simple and amazingly fun Candyland cake is simple to make, and you can even have all the kids join in the fun of making the cake!


When my best friend asked me to make her a "fun and unique" birthday cake for her son's 10th birthday I was a little stumped. Until I came across making a Candyland Cake! It was perfect.

I remember playing the boardgame when I was little and loved it so much that I would sit there for an entire day playing it. So what better than to turn it into a cake!

Now all I needed was to get all the supplies and loads of candy...

Candyland Birthday Cake Instructions

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You will need:

1 package of your favorite cake mix or cake recipe

Vanilla icing

Green food coloring


Assorted candy: Starburst candies, red Fruit Roll-Up, sugar, Dots, regular and miniature peanut butter cups, chocolate jimmies, large and small gumdrops, Dum Dum Pops, miniature candy canes, clear and blue rock candy, regular and waffle ice cream cones, multicolored sprinkles, green colored sugar, miniature marshmallows, round peppermints and cinnamon hearts.


Prepare and bake your cake in a 9X12 cake pan. Cool completely.

Ice the entire cake, sides and top with vanilla icing. You can either leave the icing white or color with green food coloring. Another option is to color flaked coconut and sprinkle over entire cake.

If you have the Candyland game still use it as a guide as to where to place all your candy, starting with forming a path with the Starburst candies.

For the mountains use gum drops and red fruit roll ups.

For the castle pipe vanilla frosting into the ice cream cones and garnish with sprinkles or sugar.

Between the pathways add sprinkles, marshmallows, candycanes, and peppermints. Get creative!

Enjoy eating your Candyland Cake!!

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