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Learn how to properly use every kind of pan for cakes, cupcakes, bundt cakes, angel food cakes and many more! Plus, easy to follow tips and techniques.


Take your next party to new heights with hundreds of shapped cake pans to choose from. In today's age you don't have to settle for just your typical square or circle shape. There's almost a cake pan for every occaision!

You can create all types of different cakes, from tiered to topsy turvy, flower shapped to 3D car cakes even. All you need is your special baking pan, some icing and a little bit of time and you're set!

You can create fun and unique cakes as well as your favorite characters and shapes. You can also use seasonal shapped pans for your next holiday party.

It's so much easier to create any kind of cake you want if you hae the right cake pan. Rather than stacking sheet cake after sheet cake and then having to carve out your design all you need to have is one of these shaped cake pans and you're set! It takes half the time and half the effort and in the end they look fantastic!

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Using any kind of shapped pan really takes your cake decorating skill to new levels because now there's no need to do any cake carving or molding because it's already done for you. All you need to do is make your favorite recipe or whip together one the many delicious cake mixes and pour your batter into your greased pan. Place into the oven and when it's done, let it cool completely, remove and start the fun part - decorating!

These pans are made so that not only is the cake outlined but so are all the inside details to you know what to work with. It's really fun and easy. I've kind of become addicted to finding new and exciting pans.

Don't forget they can also be used for cookies, gelatins and mousses! With so many cake pans out there I find it hard sometimes to choose which one to use! It all comes down to the "theme" of the day and I make sure if anything has been requested first.

Here's are some ideas for different shapes:

Animals Face * Snake * Dog and Cat * Character Cakes * Movie Stars * Paw Print * Sports * Nature Scenes * Trucks * Cars * Castles *

Ideas For Decorating

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Bundt Pans

With these fluted little bundt pans you can make fabulous desserts and cakes for any special occasion.

bundt pan, easy cake decorating

A bundt pan is perfect for coffee cakes, angle food cakes and strawberry shortcakes. And because of it's shape, you don't even have to frost the cake if you don't want to because they already look so beautiful the second they come out of the pan!

They also look terrific with a thin glaze overtop or even just a light dusting of powdered sugar.

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