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When you look at the final product of your beautiful cake, with all its cake decorations and cake flowers, the last thing you want to see is your masterpiece tilting to one side!

Leveling your cake is one of the most important parts of the decorating process. You will need to do this before you ice it because it's MUCH harder to try and do this after you've iced your cake.

There's two ways you can start leveling...

Using a Serrated Knife

If you don't have any fancy gadgets you can choose to level your cake with a serrated knife, which will work just fine.

First, place your cake on a cake board. Now you can either start cutting while moving it with your own hand, or you can place it on a cake stand that turns, which you might find a little easier. You can always try both and see what works for you.

While slowly rotating your cake, carefully move your knife back and forth across the top and try to keep the knife as level as you can while you cut. Remember, less can be more and it's hard to replace cake, so take baby steps when leveling.

Using a Cake Leveler

If you don't feel like using a serrated knife, or you feel like you just wouldn't be able to make it as nice and straight on your own, then you want to have a cake leveler on hand!

Place your cake on the cake board, much like you would when using the knife method. Position the ends of the cutting wire into the notches at the hight you want it to be. This will determine how much you want to take off.

Keeping the legs on the table surface slowly cut into the cake edge using a light swaying motion back and fourth and gently glide the wire through the cake.

Cake Leveling Tutorials

Browse through these information cake leveling videos to get an idea on what works best for you.

Simple Leveling

Quick Tips On Cake Leveling

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