Cake Dummies
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What are cake dummies?

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Sometimes a baker wants to make a beautiful cake that isn't going to be eaten, and for this reason cake dummies or foam dummies are the perfect solution!

They're also used for other purposed, such as many larger wedding cakes have a "dummy bottom" where the base layer is fake and the remaining tieres are all edible. This way there's not as much left over for waste but the bride and groom still get the look they wanted. A foam dummy, which isn't edible, is usally made from hard foam or cardboard, and just like the real thing it's comes in many shapes and sizes from round, to square and rectangular.

They're are mostly used in displays and cake decorating competions. Also, many brides will have the bottom layer of their wedding as a "fake cake" for a visual effect.

Another reason for using a cake dummy is the expense and cost of creating a real, edible cake that's only meant for display purposes. Edible cakes are expensive and time consuming, so why waste all that time when it's never going to be eating! That's where these amazing cake dummies come in.

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Cake Dummies And How To Decorate Them

You can decorate your foam cakes much like you would any real cakes. Whether it be fondant, buttercream icing, or a mixture of both, it's just as easy to decorate.

Here's a few videos to watch so you can get an idea as to exactly how you want to frost it.

Covering Your Foam Dummy With Fondant

Covering Your Foam Dummy With Buttercream Icing

Remember, foam dummies can look just as beautiful and intricate as any other regular, edible cake so don't be affraid or intimidated. Some people actually find that foam cakes are much easier to decorate and this can be true especially when it comes to the lack of crumbs you'll have to deal with!

Another nice thing about them is that they come in all shapes and sizes and stacking them is much similar to the real thing, by using buttercream icing and supports.

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Foam cakes also come in a variety of different colors but I strongly suggest using white, especially if you're using white fondant or white buttercream. Even though you will be dirty icing the layer underneath, the foam could still show through, espeically in any natural light. So stick with white!

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