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Tired of the same birthday party year after year?

If you're looking for something unique and a ton of fun then you need to throw a Cake Decorating Party!

Cake Decorating Parties are becoming one of the hottest trends. One of the complaints you'll hear from many hosts (usually moms!) is trying to keep all the kids entertained long enough until their parents arrive to pick them up.

I promise you a cake decorating party will have the wanting to stay longer, and your stress levels much lower!

That being said however, there a little more "prep" ahead of time involved but trust me, the payoff will be grand!


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The key to having a great cake decorating party is to have lots of edible decorations. Also, use lots of different colors, shapes and frostings so that kids have a variety to choose from and don't get bored too fast!


**Have a wide variety of supplies. Have a number of cake decoration, cake pans, and a few different cake stands for them to display their work of art when finished.**

**Also think about having a few cupcake takeout boxes or cake carriers for the ride home.**

What You'll Need For Your Cake Decorating Party

Here's a breakdown of everything you'll need to have a successful party.

* Decorative table cloth (lots of colors!)

* Premade cupcakes or mini cakes ready to go

* Spatulas, enough for each guest

* Small bowls to mix each color of frosting

* Food Coloring

* Paper plates and cups

* Edible decorations

* Cake stands

* Cupcake liners

* Zip locks bags for piping

* Toothpicks

* Sprinkles

* Candies

* Fondant

* Cookie cutters

Have as much as you can made in advance so that when all the guests arrive they can get right to decorating. You can even serve some fun drinks or appetizers set up at another table.

Have all the food colors set out, along with a few icing bowls filled with frosting. Have a little bit of everything set up at each place setting. You can also put jars of candy out that can be used as decorations.

Have fun and enjoy playing with your food!

Setting Up Your Table

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