Cake Borders And Icing Trim Tutorials

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Create Hundreds Of Easy Cake Decorating Cake Borders With These Simple Border Techniques And Instructions!


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The Perfect Blend Of Cake And Art!

When you're decorating any type of cake, whether it be for a birthday for the kids, or for an adult or even a wedding cake, you will almost always be applying some type of icing borders. This kind of border adds the final touch and makes it appear "finished".

There are hundreds of beautiful icing trims and boarders out there, and all you need are the right icing tips, bags, couplers and easy decorating ideas!

Tools Needed to Pipe a Cake Border

You will need:

•a cake stand

•piping bags

•round and star pastry tips

•a coupler

Cake Borders And Techniques

*TIP* If you're using buttercream icing make sure it's at room temperature, otherwise it will be too difficult to work with.

Piping icing borders uses a pastry bag, or ziplock bag filled with icing and an attached “tip” that makes different shapes and different styles of borders.

If you’ve never used a pastry bag before, it can look a little bit intimidating… but it really is simple once you know the basics.

This section will give you ideas on different borders that you can use on almost any cake. The majority of cakes have some sort of border on either the top, bottom or both. You can use buttercream icing, whipped icing, or royal icing.

Buttercream is the most common icing to using when decorating because it's usually the easiest and most versatile.

The best way to start is to practice on a piece of paper or even on your kitchen countertop, which is the way I learned! Grab a pastry bag, or if you don't have one of these just grab a zip lock bag to get the feel of holding a bag full of icing, and just make all sorts of shapes, lines, designs, see what you're comfortable with and what you can do.

Get the feel of how much pressue you need to squeeze out the icing and which hand might be better for holding the pastry bag.

After you're done practicing and you feel ready to take the next step, start with a simple square, sheet cake that you've finished icing.

Put together your piping bag with the coupler and the pastry tip. Use a round or star tip and place it on the pastry bag. Next, add the icing but be careful not to add too much icing or it will be harder to control your pastry bag and you'll find that every time you squeeze or apply pressure your icing will be coming out the other end, which you don't want!

Here are some examples of icing borders

Rosette Trim

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Hold your pastry bag at about a 90 degree angle. Lightly squeeze and move your hand to the left, up and around in a circular motion to create a peak at the top.

Shell Trim

shell cake trim, easy cake decorating
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Hold bag at a 45 degree angle with the end of the bag pointing to the right. Squeeze with heavier pressure and slightly lift the tip as the icing builds. Decrease the pressure as you pull the pastry bag down towards you to make the tail of the trim.

Stars Trim

cake trim, easy cake decorating
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Using the star tip, squeeze your pastry bag to for the star. Then release and stop the pressure while pulling the tip away. You can increase or decrease the pressure to change the star size.

Basketweave Trim

basket weave cake trim, easy cake decorating
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Reverse Shells

cake trim, easy cake decorating
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Icing Trim Tutorials

Lambeth Cake Tutorial

How To Trim a Fondant Cake

If you have a cake covered in rolled fondant then you can choose from a different variety of trims. Each one is applied differently, whether it's icing, water, pins or fondant itself.

By applying an icing border to your beautifully decorated cake adds a crisp edge and a final touch. Sometimes it can be what completely pulls the whole idea together. So take your time when choosing what type and size of icing trim you want to use. Some examples are:

*Colored ribbon


*Edible Pearls


*Fondant balls


Once you've mastered the basic icing trim techniques you can move on to more advanced cake borders here. This great website will show you exactly what you need and how to do each border and shows you step-by-step instructions to make your next cake beautiful.

Cake Turn Tables

If you're going to be trimming a lot of cakes then you might want to invest in a cake turn table. You can even choose an electric turntable that rotates your cake while you decorating, leaving your hands free to create beautiful borders, lettering or airbrushing.

You can also get tilting turn tables as well that lets you decorating the top of your cakes with much greater ease.

Turn tables come in plastic, aluminum, cast iron, or glass. I especially like the ones that are battery powered because then you don't have to deal with finding an outlet for where you've decided to decorate, but if do choose one that's battery opperated always make sure you use good quality batteries.

cake turntable
electric cake turn table, easy cake decorating
cake turntable

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