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Birthday Cake Ideas And Pictures

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Fast And Easy Techniques For Hundreds Of Birthday Cakes And Amazing Ideas!


You don't have to be an expert cake decorator to make fantastic looking birthday cakes, and before you know it, people will be asking YOU to make their next one!

Learn to create hundreds of different cakes whether it be for a 1st birthday or a 40th birthday...

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Most Popular Birthday Cakes

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Easy Cake Decorating

Not only do you want your birthday cakes and cupcakes to look great, but you want them to taste absolutely delicious too!

Decorating doesn't have to be hard, but one thing it is for sure is rewarding. When browsing through this website you'll learn how to make: *Animal Cakes* *Sports Cakes* *Adult Cakes* *Kids Cakes* *Themed Cakes* *Festive Cakes* And so much more!

Discover how addicting easy cake decorating can be and tap into your creative mind, or just even get some really great ideas and go from there.

In this portion of you'll find pages of decorating ideas as well as:

-Birthday decorating Photos

-How-to Instructions

-Decorating Tips




-Baking Tools

-Accessories... and more!

So before you go out and purchase expensive cakes from a local pastry shop, have a little faith in yourseld and know that you can do this! Not only can it be easy and fun, but with this website and the right set of baking tools it could possibly turn into one of your greatest passions!

Go Ahead And Get Creative!

Now what if you're not exactly an "experienced" baker? Or maybe you're not into baking a cake from scratch? Well, not to worry! I've made my fair share of boxed mixes and they have turned out awsome - and not ONE single person could tell! Here are some of my amazing box mix recipes that I've made over the years and I'll show you how you can add any extra ingredients you'd like to make them even more delicious!

If you're just in the beginning phase of making a birthday cake, or any kind of themed cake, take a look at my favorite decorating courses and tips for beginners that will get you ready for some awesome cake decorating! They're great for setting out examples and showing you each step of the process. So first thing's first! Determine a theme. If it's for an adult, what are the likes, hobbies or interests of the birthday girl/guy. If you're looking to add a little spice to your cake, here are some great adult cake ideas. Once you find out what they love doing, they're hobbies, sports, etc... you're one step closer, and sometimes getting the idea for your cake can be the hardest part.

If your idea well has run dry and you're looking for some great cake pictures to spark something in you, then you have to check out these great cake pictures! For example, if the person likes to fish you could make a cake surrounding a fishing theme, for example; a fish-shaped cake with real-like fish scales (out of icing of course!) or you could do a lake a with a fisherman in a boat catching his favorite fish!

Add cute little details like the name of his/her boat if they have one, or make a little sign out of fondant or cardboard and write the name of the lake they love to fishing at. Think about all the extra little details you can add to each and every cake to make it special for the person receiving it.

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The ideas and possibilities really are endless so just let your imagination take you wherever it goes.

There are plenty of birthday cake tips and instructions throughout this website to help you create a truly unique and beautiful birthday cake for that special someone.

I've tried to take photos of most of the cakes I've done, so here are hopefully some ideas that will inspire you for your next birthday cake!

Candyland Cakes

Create this unique and colorful cake that is sure to put a smile on anyones face, young or old!

Cover with marshmallows, icecream cones, caramels, and any other candy you want.

It won't last long...

Candyland Tutorial

candyland cake, cake ideas, birthday cakes
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Treasure Chest

Kids of all ages will be excited to have something like this at their next birthday party! Covered in chocolate icing and filled with edible candies for everyone, this one will definitely be a hit.

treasure chest cake
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Photo by Taste Of Home

Cake Stackers For Any Size Of Birthday Cake

Get Creative! Easily stack, decorate, and deliver birthday cakes, wedding cakes and cupcakes safely in many cool styles!

Check out these new cake supports by CakeStackers.Com and see a tiered birthday cake turned upside down!

Cake Stackers™ also offers the latest in cake stacking systems for the beginner or professional that will help make your cakes look amazing and more requested.

Guitar Cakes

This brown guitar cake was carved out of chocolate cake and was covered in buttercream icing which I used colored brown gel for the majority of the guitar. At the time I made this cake I didn't know how to make fondant yet, but if I were to make this cake again I think I would cover it in fondant to give it a smoother texture. This would have allowed me to paint or draw on some really cool designes like a logo, favorite name or sketch that the person loved.

For the white nobs on the end that hold the strings I used white mentos, as well as the nobs on the top.

I decided to trim the bottom only to give it a more finished look but decided again trimming the top edges of the cake.

guitar cake, brown guitar cake, easy cake
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This black guitar cake was carved out of white cake, much like the previous one. It was also covered in buttercream icing but because it's hard to get black icing really dark I decided to air brush this cake instead. All the white details were piped on with white buttercream using a small, circular icing tip.

For the guitar handle I ended up using brownie squares of all things! This way if the guests didn't like cake they could break off a piece of chewy brownie. I was told it was a real hit! For the black strings I used black piping gel but you could also use black shoelace licorice too for something different.

black guitar cake, easy cake decorating
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Creating a 3D Cake


What exactly is a 3D cake? It's a three dimentional work of art! Instead of most cakes being a flat, sheet cake, these kinds of cakes can be molded, carved and shaped into any form, character or object.

I've put together some of the most popular 3D tutorials below.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to make a 3D cake


Chocolate Birthday Cakes

Looking for some great ideas for your next birthday cake? Why not try something delicious like these special chocolate cakes from Chocolate Dessert Cafe! Learn how to create:

Three-layer chocoalte cakes

Chocolate mousse cakes

Chocolate fudge cakes and more!

Unique Birthday Cakes

This spider cake was really fun to make, considering the fact that I HATE spiders. It actually kind of creeped me out so I figure I did a good job!

For the Spider's body I took white cake and layered it two layers high, with buttercream icing in between to hold the layers together. I stuck it in the freezer for about half an hour, pulled it out and then carved out the body with a knife, kind of in the shape of the number 8, but with one ball larger than the other. (the smaller one will be the head)

Then I took my star shaped icing tip and piped out the body in brown buttercream icing. If you aren't familiar with the different

icing tips and techniques I've put together a really great page to show you how to properly and easily do each one, so please take a look before you start.

Then for the spider's legs I used chocolate tootsie rolls and carefully bent them in the middle, being careful not to actually break them, and stuck one end in the body of the cake and one left sticking out.

The eyes were made out of red skittles and the teeth were pop eye candy sticks, which worked out perfect for fangs!

spiderweb cake, easy cake decorating, spider cake, halloween
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Decorating With Buttercream Icing

Buttercream Icing is probably one of the best frostings to use in any kind of decorating because it's easy to make and use and the best part is it tastes fantastic.

I've put together a complete guide on

decorating with buttercream that will show you everything from piping techniques to making three-colored swirls on your cupcakes.

This toilet bowl cake was made out of three layers of white cake, froze for 1 hour and then carved into the shape of a toilet. You can make the inside "bowl" as large as you'd like, depending on what you want to put in there!

I covered it with white buttercream icing, smoothing it out as much as I could. Next I used blue piping gel for the toilet bowl water. You can also use regular icing and tint it blue but I thought that because gel is translucent it really gave the effect of water.

For the "floating poops" I ended up using those chocoalte maltesers because they were the perfect size, but really you can get pretty creative (and grose!) if you really wanted to.

The lid was a bit tricky and the only thing I could think of using at the time was cutting out a piece of white cardboard shapped like a toilet bowl lid and sticking into the back of the cake. It worked really good but I didn't like how it wasn't edible. Oh well!

Now that I look back I wish I would have added a toilet paper holder to the side though... Next time!

toilet cake, easy cake decorating, toilet bowl cake, 40 cake, adult cake
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cars cake, car cake, easy cake decorating
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chocolate ganache.

sesame street cake, easy cake
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rainbow cake
cookiemonster cake, cookie monster cake
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babyshower cake, rubber duckie cake
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Okay, this is my only cupcake cake that I have made. It was a little tricky! But that may be because of the hour and a half on a bumpy dirt road that I had to deliver it on.

The base, which is one huge cupcake that I carved out of three stacked layers, is covered in orange fondant. For the sides I took grey buttercream and a flat spatula and placed it up the sides to look like the cupcake wrapper. Then on the top I placed all different cupcakes that I decorated beforehand and attached them with steak skewers.

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dinosaur cake, easy cake decorating
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jungle cake, animal cake, easy cake decorating
ACDC cake, tongue cake, easy cake decorating
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hockey cake, blackhawk cake, easy cake decorating
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Unique Cake Toppers For Birthday Cakes

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