Make These Adorable And Delicious BBQ Grill Cupcakes!

No grilling required here! These BBQ grill cupcakes are some of my best crowd pleasers!

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Want to make some really cute summer cupcakes this season? These BBQ Grill Cupcakes are probably my most favorite cupcake out of all that I've made to date. They have so many cute little details that the first batch I made I wouldn't let anyone eat!

I know at first glance they look hard to make, but with the right baking supplies and yummy candies they're really not that hard to create, plus I've taken step-by-step photo instructions for you.

These little cupcakes are a great idea for Father's Day or a summer BBQ or Party. Imagine serving a platter of these at your next get together! Oh yah.... and don't forget the fries!

You will need a few things before getting started. It's much easier to have everything within arms reach rather than having to run around or run to the store to buy something when you realize you don't have it.

Black food coloring

Tooth picks

Hot tomale candies


winegums or gummy bears


brown sugar

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

bbq grill cupcakes, easy cake decorating

One: Take any flavour of cupcake you wish, I chose chocolate in these pictures, and covered it with chocolate ganache icing. You can also use chocolate buttercream but it doesn't quite melt as nice onto the cupcake.

Before the icing sets sprinkle a very small amount of bread crumbs on top for the "burning grill" effect.

grill cupcake, easy cake decorating

Two: Next I take white icing and color it grey for the actual bbq grill to be pipped on top.

Three: Now for the "steak" portion I used the chewy caramels, cut them in half and molded them into little steaks. The first time I did this I put them into a plastic container when I was done because I wasn't quite ready to put them onto the cupcakes yet, but when I opened up my plastic container they were all stuck together! I ended up having to remake them all. So try and make these as close as possible to the time that you'll be ready to place them on each cupcake.

Four: Now for the "hot dogs" I used the Hot Tomales candy and they turned out pretty good. I took a tooth pick and dipped it in black food coloring and brushed it on the candies for a "grill mark" look.

Five: For the vegetable cabob I used wine gums and cut each color up individually in five or six chunks and put them on a tooth pick much like you would for a skewer. I put one of each color to kind of represent each vegetable!
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Six: Now place all your goodies on top of the cupcake using a small dab of royal icing to hold everything on top and there you have your BBQ grill cupcake! Enjoy!

bbq grill cupcakes, grill cupcakes, easy cake decorating
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