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Baby Shower Cake Photos And Ideas

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*Take a look at some amazing baby shower cakes, tutorials, photos and step-by-step instructions for each cake!*


I can't help by coo over all the little "mini" edibles that are often served at baby showers and I always go home with a few ideas for my next get together with friends.

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Creating beautiful baby shower cakes is something I love doing, and hopefully will be able to pass on some of my creativity for your next baby shower cake.

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A great baby shower cake can become then centrepiece of the room and there are so many cute and fun ideas when it comes to designing the cake. One trend that seems to be growing is serving cupcakes, rather than a full cake, or even mini cupcakes too.

Whatever you decide on doing, it never hurts to ask the mom-to-be what style or colors she would like to see on the cake. Maybe she's looking for something with cute little animals, or maybe she wants it to be chic and sophisticated.

Popular Ideas For Baby Shower Cakes

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Just remember when you're thinking and looking for other cute ideas some that come to mind are soft pastel flowers, foot prints, baby animals, tiny shoes, moons and stars, Winnie the Pooh, baby wagons and bottle. There's so many great ways of putting together exactly what you want on your cake, all it takes is a little thought and a lot of heart!

Noah's Ark Baby Shower Cakes

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noahs ark cakes
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Rubber Duckie Cakes

Rubber duckies aren't just a hit with kids in the bathtub! They're the perfect cake topper or cake decoration for any baby shower cake.

A duckie cake is probably one of the more easier baby shower cakes to make. Most cakes are base iced with blue icing and then either blue or white icing "bubbles" are added and of course a rubber duckie on top! Sometimes you can even find sets of three with smaller duckies as well.

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rubber duckie cake

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Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes are becoming more and more popular and you're almost guaranteed to see one at the next baby shower you attend.

Here is what you'll need to create a diaper cake:

• 60 diapers (depends on how big you make it) You can use either disposable or cloth - better find out what the expectant mother would like. You can use either white or patterned diapers.

• Ribbon, 1/2 or 1 inch wide, patterned to fit the baby shower theme. Pink, blue, or yellow are good choices.

• Ribbon, 1/4 inch to tie rolled diapers with

• 36-60 small rubber bands (depending on how you want to "build" the cake

• 6 large rubber bands

• One 8-oz baby bottle or one large bottle of baby lotion

• One 4-oz baby bottle

• A cardboard or plastic cake platter

• Cake decorations - for example, baby confetti, baby sock roses, artificial roses, etc.

• Baby items - Pacifiers, bottles, lotion, bibs, receiving blankets, miniature stuffed animals, baby towel, onesie, wash cloths, baby hygiene products, toys, etc.

diaper cake, easy cake decorating
diaper cake, easy cake decorating
baby shower cake, diaper cake
diaper cake
diaper cake

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