Animal Cupcakes!
Create These Adorable, Handmade Delights
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* Learn how to create unique and adorable animal cupcakes out of almost any candy and sweet treat you can find, like marshmallows, licorice, gummies and more!*

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Check out these tutorials for animal cupcakes!

Here are some really great, and easy to make, tutorials on animal cupcakes. Each one has pictures and step-by-step instructions and easy cake decorating tips. All you need to bring is your cupcake recipe and a little imagination!

Tiger Cupcake Tutorial

Lion Cupcake tutorial

Hippo Cupcake Tutorial

So just what exactly can you use to make these amazing animal cupcakes?

Well, first of all it has to not only be edible, but it has to taste good too! Here's a few tips and ideas as to what you can use for certain parts of your cupcake... Hair/Coat

*Cotton Candy


*Marshmallows snipped at the top

*Butter cream icing




*Aero Bubbles






*Fruit Slices

*Piping gel


*Tic Tacs




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Fondant Animal Cupcakes

Mrs. P's Cakes
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Sheep Cupcakes

sheep cupcakes, easy cake decorating
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You can either use black or pink fondant for the head and ears or you can use buttercream icing. For the icing, tint 1/4 cup buttercream pink and 1/4 cup black. Frost your cupcakes with uncolored buttercream. Use remainder to pipe heads and ears: starting in the center of cupcake pipe a pear-shaped head using a pastry bag or zip lock bag and then pipe ears on both sides.

Pipe black eyes and pale-pink mouth and nose onto narrow end of head, or you can use fondant for this as well.

Place three marshmallow halves on each sheep head, cut side down. Then, working from the base of the head out, continue to cover the cupcake with halved marshmallows, cut sides down.


Piggy Cupcakes

pig cupcake, easy cake
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There's quite a few different candies you can use to make your pig cupcakes. First, frost all your cupcakes in light pink buttercream. Then, for the nose you can either use a marshmallow cut in half or any kind of circular pink candy. place in the centre of your cupcake. For the eyes you can use almost any kind of candy you wish, M&M's, skittles, etc... Then for the ears I actually used gum cut into small triangles and stuck them halfway into the buttercream on top of the cupcake. For the mouth I used black piping gel.


Moo Cow Animal Cupcake

For cute little cow cupcakes ice all of your cupcakes in white buttercream icing.For the nose you can either use a marshmallow cut in half, and if you can find pink marshmallows even better! (look for them around easter time)and place in the middle of your cupcake. For the nostrils you can use either black piping gel or black royal icing and place two small dabs side by side on the marshmallow. For the ears, you can use the brown M&M's and use white tic tacs for the horns! Place smaller brown candies for eyes or use brown icing or piping gel.


Donkey Cupcake

donkey cupcake, easy cake
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These donkey cupcakes were a blast to make and probably my most favourite animal cupcakes! Pipe brown buttercream icing, using a star tip, in a circular pattern. The the eyes you can use blue or red candies like skittles or M&Ms.

For the ears you can use those banana marshmallows that you usually find around Halloween time or any other kind of long candy. The nose can be made out of a small round cookie with white tic tacs for teeth!


Dog Cupcake

Dog cupcakes can be made mostly out of fondant and using different colors for each piece.

Start off by rolling out your brown fondant and cut out a circle for each cupcake that will be the same size as the top, you use a cookie cutter for this. You want this piece to cover the entire top portion of your cupcake.

For the white portion of the dogs mouth all you need to do is roll out a small piece of white fondant and then flatten it out and shape it into an upside down "U". Attach this piece with buttercream icing onto the bottom part of the cupcake. For the small details like eyes, nose, hair, etc... you can either use black gel or black fondant.

Panda Cupcake

Panda cupcakes are much like the dog cupcakes, but only with different colored fondant. Follow the same steps as you would for the dog cupcakes.

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