Valentine's Day Cupcake Ideas

Valentine's Day is only a few days away, but we still have time to make some really awsome and great tasting cupcakes. These are some very simple and beautiful ideas that are great for beginners to experienced bakers!

Raspberry Cupcakes with Pink Buttercream

These cupcakes are very simple. You can either use a scratch recipe or of course a cake mix recipe. Add in some frozen or fresh raspberries when you're mixing your ingredients together and bake cupcakes as directed.

For the pink buttercream I like to use red or pink food coloring paste, rather than liquid because I find it gives me a much nicer color.

Using a piping bag, pipe a nice swirl on top, leaving enough room to see the beautiful raspberry cupcake underneath.

Garnish:As for decorating this cupcake, I wanted to do something simple so I melted some dark chocolate and once it was totally melted I spooned it into a zip lock bag (snip a very small portion of one of the corners off). Using parchment paper I squeezed my chocolate onto the paper in the shape of a heart and then carefully placed the entire sheet in the freezer. You can do all sorts of shapes and designes this way. Once it has frozen carefully (it's very fragile!) take out of the freezer and gently pull it away from the parchment paper and place on top of your cupcake! It's a simple and elegant technique.

Heart-Shaped Cucpakes

This was something fun and really cool I tried the other night and they turned out great!

You will need: Medium muffin tin, cupcake papers and 1 bag of marbles. The best part about this is you don't need a special heart-shaped cupcake tin!

**If you don't have marbles you can also roll tinfoil into small balls as well**

All you need to do is fill the cupcake/muffin tin with cupcake liners and place the marble between the cupcake liner and tin at the very top. You will see this creates a nice heart shape! Fill your cupcakes only 1/2 full so they don't overflow and ruin the shape you have. Frost as desired.

Chocolate Covered Stawberries Cupcake

I make these cupcakes every year and I think they're some of the most popular ones too. They're easy to make and look absolutely beautiful.

Make your favorite flavor of cupcake and frost each cupcake. For the strawberries, try and choose ones that are deep red right up to the top.

Wash the strawberries and let them dry completely. While waiting melt dark chocolate and white chocolate until smooth and creamy and place into a bowl. Dip each strawberry into the dark chocolate about 3/4 of the way. Place on a sheet of parchment paper to dry. Once they have dried take the white chocolate and using a fork, dip your fork into the white chocolate and then wave overtop of the dipped strawberries.

Once the chocolate has dried place one strawberry on top of each cupcake and serve!

Creative Valentine''s Day Cupcake Toppers

Here are some great examples of what you can use for your cupcake toppers this Valentine's Day...

*Fresh flowers*

*Cinnamon Hearts*


*Chocolate shavings*



*Any type of Candy*

*Chocolate covered cookies*

*Brownies in the shape of a heart*

*Blown sugar*

My Favorite Valentine's Day Frostings...

I LOVE these cupcake frostings so much I had to include them again this week, just in case you missed them last week!

Cinnamon Buttercream Frosting

Recipe *1/4 cup of water *2 egg whites *1/4 teaspoon of cream of tartar *1 teaspoon of vanilla extract *1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon * Pinch of salt

Directions: Bring 2 inches of water to a simmer in the bottom of a double boiler. If you don't have a double boiler you can fill a large pot with 1 to 2 inches of water and place it over low to medium heat until the water begins to simmer. Use a Pyrex or stainless steel bowl as your upper saucepan and place it on top of your pot, making sure your bowl does not touch the simmering water.

Combine 1 cup of brown sugar and 1/4 cup of water in the top of the double boiler (or bowl). Heat over the simmering water, stirring constantly until the sugar dissolves, about 3 minutes. Add egg whites, cream of tartar and pinch of salt. Beat with an electric mixer on high speed until the mixture is glossy and thick. Remove the top pan from the heat and continue beating for 1 minute to cool. Add vanilla and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and beat on low so mixture is combined. Pipe or spread onto cooled cupcakes or cake and sprinkle with cinnamon. Enjoy!

Strawberry Marshmallow Frosting

Recipe: 2 cups of white sugar, 2/3 cup of water, 1 tablespoon of light corn syrup, 4 eggs whites and 1 package of strawberry flavored gelatin, red food coloring if desired.

Directions: Have 4 egg whites sitting in a small glass bowl within reach and ready to use. In a small saucepan stir together sugar, water and corn syrup. Bring to a boil and cook to 240 degrees F, or use the water test by dropping a small amount of mixture into a cold cup of water and it should turn into tiny strands. Remove the saucepan from heat and stir in your strawberry gelatin. Set aside. Whip egg whites in the small glass bowl until soft peaks form. Slowly pour the sugar mixture into the egg whites while continuing to whip until stiff glossy peaks. Cover cupcakes as desired!