Creating Beautiful 3D Cakes
It's not just a cake - it's a creation!
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So Many Possibilities With 3D Cakes!


Discover the magic in creating 3D cakes!

Step-by-step instructions and pictures to show each and every step.


*Design beautiful sculpted cakes*

*Create birthday cakes that will wow everyone!*

*Tips and techniques on how to ice your 3D Cakes*

*Unique decorating supplies and how to use them*

Creating these amazing cakes takes a little more time than your average sheet cake, and even some tiered cakes, but it's well worth the extra effort with easy cake decorating!


You can sculpt almost anything into 3d sculpted cakes, including animals, cartoon characters, cars and trucks, sports and many more.


There are also many  funky-shaped cake pans for creating 3D Cakes that you can purchase if your sculpting skills aren't the greatest. These are perfect for beginners and are generally easier to use. They come in all shapes and sizes and you can also use any kind of box mix or cake recipe.

Exactly how do I make 3D cakes?

It's really not as hard as it looks! Using any kind of simple box mix and a few carving tools you'll be set and well on your way to making 3D Cakes.

Most of the work comes with layering and carving. Think of the shape you want and come up with a design. It's even better if you can draw this out on a piece of paper to look at as a reference from time to time.

Stack your cake layers and high as you need them, making sure there's enough icing in between each layer. I like to freeze mine for about 20 minutes before carving them, otherwise they seem to slide around a bit.

Once you've taken your cake out of your freezer, grab a sharp knife and start carving out the general shape, working your way up to the smaller details.

Be careful to not "over carve" because you can't get this cake back!

So start off by stacking your layers in however many you think you may need, and start the carving process, like this...

3d cake, cake sculpting, easy cake decorating
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Once you're done all the carving and detailing, cover the entire cake in buttercream icing. You can either leave it with buttercream icing or you can also cover it with fondant.

3D Cake Photos

tennis cake, easy cake decorating
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hamburger cake, easy cake decorating
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house cake, easy cake decorating
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dog cake, easy cake decorating
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3d cube cake, easy cake decorating
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3D Cakes And Tutorials

Here are some amazing step-by-step tutorials.

Thomas The Train 3D cakes tutorial

Dinosaur Cake tutorial

Dog Cake tutorial

Car Cake tutorial

Puppy Dog Cake tutorial

Decorating Your Sculpted Cakes

Firstly, when it comes time to icing you can use a variety of methods, whether it be buttercream icing or fondant. Only you can decide which method will work best for you.

Fondant is sometimes better to use on easier, less complicated shapes, especially if you're new to using fondant.

If you're going to use buttercream icing you can either use a spatula, kife or pipping bag to create the desired effect. You can also use candies, chocolates, gummy and cookies to top of your decorating and add some special touches!

Wilton has some really great 3D cake pansthat you can purchase online and also view some really great tutorials as well.

Cake Sculpting Tools

There's always great cake decorating bakewareto use and imply when you're making any kind of sculpted cake. Once you start making 3D cakes you might not ever go back to doing anything else! So what all do you need for great sculpting? Well, here is a list of what you will need on a daily basis. If you're just starting out it can be a bit overwhelming is knowing which tools are important and which ones you don't really need.

These molding tools can be used to make and create many different shapes, especially if you're using fondant.They can be used to make indents, curves and shapes all by gently pressing into the cake either before or after the frosting. They're the perfect carving tool!

This ball tool is used for making circular indentations, like on flowers or animal ears for example. You can make some really beautiful designs for boarders as well.

This cake needle is used to carve out fine details and shapes. This is best used after the cake has been iced, mostly with fondant.

I absolutely love using edible markers. You don't have to worry about finding a fine pain brush and food coloring, all you need to do is remove the cap and draw directly onto your fondant like you would a piece of paper. They're great! Note: They can only be used on fondant or gum paste, not on buttercream icing.

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