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Welcome to my Easy Cake Decorating website!

Are you ready to make some of the coolest cakes and cupcakes out there! This website is packed full of photos, step-by-step guides, wonderful turorials and downloadable ebooks!

From hamburger cupcakes, to beautiful 3-tiered wedding cakes, our online easy decorating guide is filled with hundreds of original decorating ideas, baking supplies and plenty of how-to's. It's everything you need!

*Learn how to take your creativity to the next level with these easy decorating tips, techniques and tutorials*

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*Step-by-step instructions* including detailed pictures of * birthday cakes * cupcakes * stagette cakes * adult cakes * childrens cakes * fair treats * and * mini cupcakes *

Learn everything you need to know to make beautiful, unique cakes and cupcakes with my 101 Cake Decorating Tips And Techniques!

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I'll also show you some simple instructions on making beautiful fondant cupcakes and unique toppers that can be used for decorating many types of cakes, cupcakes, desserts, and more! Instantly download ebooks with pages of colourful pictures that show you each step of the way.

*Decorate all types of cakes from beginner level to expert

*Create fun and unique character cupcakes

*Learn how to make and work with different frostings

*Create your own fondant

*Work with 3D cake pans

*Over 100 decorating tips and ideas

*Bake easy and delicious recipes

*Step-by-step photos and tutorials

*Create unique holiday treats

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Learn how to put the WOW! in your next cake decorating project!


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You won't see your average cakes or cupcakes on this site though. It's all about creating something truly unique and having your guests and customers saying WOW! You made that out of what? And it's truly a rewarding experience to watch them walk away with a smile.

The Best Cake Decorating Tips And Techniques
Discover the best cake decorating tips to get you started in making beautiful and delicious cakes!
Beautiful Birthday Cakes, Cake Photos, Cake Tutorials And Easy Techniques
Fast And Easy Techniques For Hundreds Of Birthday Cakes And Cake Ideas
Creative Cupcakes Ideas, Tutorials And 100s Of Photos!
Create and decorate cupcakes that are unique, original and delicious
Bakeware for every baking need
Bakeware for every baking need!
Delicious Cake Frostings And Fillings That Are Oh So Good!
Free Recipes For Cake Frostings, Plus Cake Decorating Tips And Cake Tutorials
Beautiful Cake Toppers That Are Creative, Unique And Personal!
Cake Toppers And Free Cake Tutorials On How To Use Them Best!
Beautiful Cake Borders Made Easy With How-to-pictures
Create Hundreds Of Easy Cake Borders With These Simple Techniques And Instructions
Baby Shower Cakes And Cupcakes
Baby Shower Cakes With Free Tutorials, Photos And Design Instructions
Baby Shower Cake Toppers
Create Your Own Baby Shower Cake Toppers Out Of Fondant And Gum Paste
Farm Animal Cake Toppers
Create Adorable Farm Animals Cake Toppers For Cakes And Cupcakes
Halloween Recipes That Are Deliciously Spooky!
Spooky Halloween Recipes The Whole Family Can Make!
Halloween Cakes and Cupcakes Ready To Scare Everyone!
These spooky halloween cakes and cupcakes will scare just about anyone!
Thanksgiving Day Cakes and Cupcakes Will Make People Forget About the Turkey
Create these thanksgiving day cakes and cupcakes that will WOW your guests
Easy Christmas Treats, Cakes and Cupcakes With a Unique Christmas Theme
Create something different this christmas with these unique Christmas treats!
New Years Cakes And Cupcakes To Bring In The New Year!
Create Fabulous New Years Cakes That Are Delicious And Fun To Make
Valentines Day Cakes and Cupcakes that will make her feel extra special
valentines day cakes and cupcakes that are easy and delicious along with pictures and step-by-step instructions
St Patricks Day Cakes And Cupcakes The Whole Family Will Want To Make
Tutorials Of St Patricks Day Cakes, Cupcakes And Desserts
fathers day cakes and cupcakes that will impress any dad
fathers day cakes that dad will love!
Adorable Easter Cakes, Cupcakes and Edible Treats!
Create these adorable little easter cakes and cupcakes that even the adults will love!
Beautiful Mothers Day Cakes and Cupcakes
Create beautiful and fun mothers day cakes that any mom will love this mother's day!
Graduation cakes for your special son or daughter
graduation cakes that everyone will remember and enjoy!
Make These Fondant Cake Toppers With Photo Tutorials
Instructions For Fondant Cake Toppers That You Can Make At Home!
Fast Food Cupcakes That Are Guaranteed To Surprise Everyone!
Fast Food Cupcakes That Look Exactly Like Your Favorite Treats!
Create Kit kat Cakes That Require No Decorating Skills!
Full Instructions On How To Make Kit Kat Cakes Along With Plenty Of Photos!
Mini cupcakes that are cute and adorable
Try these delicious mini cupcakes almost too cute to eat
Throw a Cake Decorating Party That Will Amaze Everyone!
Easy and Simple Tips for a Cake Decorating Party
Candyland Cake Just Like You Had As A Kid!
Create this fun candyland cake for your next birthday party cake
Fair Food Cupcakes!
Create Exciting Fair Food Cupcakes!
Colorful Luau Cakes Perfect For Any Summer Party
Best Photos Of Luau Cakes With Directions And Recipes
Castle Cakes For Themed Birthday Parties
Create Easy And Beautiful Castle Cakes With Candies And Edible Decorations
Easy Cake Decorating
Welcome to my Easy Cake Decorating Blog! *Learn how to take your creativity to the next level with easy cake and cupcake decorating tips, techniques and tutorials*
Fondant Recipes, Cake Toppers, And Techniques
Fondant Recipes, Instructions And Free Tutorials
Magical 3D Cakes! Free Cake Tutorials And Instructions
Easy 3d cakes that anyone can do! Step-by-step instructions and pictures to show each and every step.
Cake Pans For Every Shape And Size of Cake You Need!
cake pans for every occaision
See How Cake Stackers Can Turn a Wedding Cake Upsided own
These amazing cake stackers are turning the cake decorating world upside down!
Cake Decorating Frequently Asked Questions
Tips and Cake Decorating Frequently Asked Questions For Everything You Need!
Tiered Cakes Photos And Tutorials
Tiered Cakes Are Made Easy With This Complete Guide To Show You How!
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Beginners guide to cake decorating with tutorials, articles, photos and step-by-step instructions!
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Cake Dummies For Every Size And Shape Of Cake
Cake Dummies And Everything You Need To Know
Cake Decorating Tutorials
Amazing Cake DecoratingTutorials!
cupcake cakes and patterns
Downloadable Cupcake Cakes, Ideas, Photos And Tutorials
Fondant Ocean Cake Toppers And Cupcake Toppers
Tutorials On Ocean Cake Toppers And Cupcake Toppers
Beautiful Wedding Cakes And Photos
Wedding Cakes, Inspiration And Photos!
Forest Animal Cake Toppers
Learn How To Make Adorable Forest Animal Cake Toppers